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ارگانیک. آلی

ما آب خود را خام ، زنده و سرشار از ویتامین ها ، مواد معدنی و مواد مغذی ضروری می کنیم. هرگز گرم یا تحت فشار بالا نمی شود ، 100 تازه تازه است.

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هر آب میوه با دو پوند میوه و سبزیجات ارگانیک پر شده است. فقط فشار تازه ، شرایط استفاده و نگهداری را اثبات می کند.

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بدن شما سزاوار بهترین ویتامین ها و نوشیدنی ها است. ما فقط محصولات با کیفیت بالا را بر اساس مواد ارگانیک ارائه می دهیم. طولانی و سالم زندگی کنید.


از برترین تولید کننده نوشیدنی

شراب عصير فواكه العاطفة 330 مل علبة أنيقة RITA (20201001)


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  • نمونه: نمونه رایگان، طراحی رایگان، کم MOQ

  • حجم: 330 ml

  • بسته بندی: aluminum can

  • عمر مفید: 24 months

  • شرایط پرداخت: L/C,T/T

  • قیمت FOB: دریافت آخرین قیمت

  • زمان تحویل: 20 -25 روزها پس از تأیید سفارش

  • صدور گواهینامه: ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL, FSSC 22000

  • حداقل مقدار سفارش : 200 Cartons

  • بندر: Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam

  • قابلیت ارائه: 300 Containers بیست-Foot/ماه ها

        fruit 3 mien



        Passion fruit is a fantastic fruit with particular fragrance and sweet-sour taste. This fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients and has some amazing health benefits. With an excellent source of vitamin C, passion fruit is known to strengthen the immune system and produce collagen.

        Rita Passion Fruit Juice is produced by a modern process, strictly controlled from raw ingredients to finished products. Our product is extracted from the finest handpicked, fresh and juicy fruits. The perfect combination of sweet and sour taste makes a light, flavor and more refreshing drink to quench your thirst and entice your taste buds. Perfect for every day, Passion Fruit Juice drink also provides vitamins and minerals to dispel fatigue and enhance resistance.

        - Packed in 200ml paper box; easy to take for picnic, school and sightseeing, etc.

        - A closed-cycle production line with modern aseptic UHT technology to keep true flavor and nutrition facts.

        - Sterilized paper packaging protects products from light, moisture, oxidation, bacteria, etc.



        1. Strengthens the immune system

        Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C, beta-cryptoxanthin and alpha-carotene. All of them play an important role in boosting the immune system. They also help to eliminate free radicals and fight infections.

        2. Improves digestion

        Passion fruit pulp contains a lot of dietary fiber. Fiber is a crucial component of every diet. It helps regulate the digestive system and keep the gut healthy, preventing constipation and bowel disorders.

        3. Helps you sleep better

        Passion fruit is especially beneficial for people who have insomnia or suffer from sleep disorders. Because of having iron and potassium, passion fruit can help you sleep better. It also contains the Harman alkaloids which have sedative properties.

        4. Maintains Youthful, Glowing Skin

        Vitamin C and antioxidants are found in passion fruit help to fight the action of free radicals that cause skin aging. It also helps to produce collagen and elastin that might maintain youthful and glowing skin.

        5. Supports weight loss

        Passion fruit is an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight. Because it is low in calories and fat. The high fiber content in passion fruit helps you feel full longer and reduces cravings.

        6. Helps your heart healthier

        Passion fruit contains nutrients that help to reduce harmful cholesterol, causing arterial blockage and inefficient heart functioning.

    لطفا فرم زیر را پر کنید و نظرات و سوالات خود را به نوشیدنی RITA ارسال کنید ، ما در اسرع وقت به ایمیل شما پاسخ خواهیم داد.

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